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Wellness Exams

Pet Wellness Exams

Our passion for pets leads to a culture of wellness at Cherokee Trail Veterinary Hospital. Wellness means promoting proper growth and development, a strong immune system, and disease prevention for a healthy, happy pet.

Regular wellness exams allow us to evaluate the overall health of your pet and identify any health problems before they become serious illnesses. We may also perform laboratory tests and diagnostic imaging to evaluate our patients.

Our pets can lose their teeth to decay and neglect. Because even the most cooperative pet may not readily cooperate with tooth brushing, an annual cleaning by your veterinarian may be in order. We recommend you monitor your pet’s elimination habits, thirst, appetite, and any physical changes or unusual occurrences. Keep track of small shifts in your pet’s behavior, along with diet and routine modifications. Sometimes these issues can be critical in assisting the veterinarian with your pet’s care.

Routine blood testing, urinalysis, and other tests are recommended for all senior pets, as well as exams every six months for early detection of age-related concerns. Pets under a year require several visits to ensure proper growth, and general health, and to develop immunity to serious diseases. Healthy adult pets usually require only annual visits and exams, along with dental care and diagnostic testing.