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Pet Vaccinations

Vaccination is a medical procedure designed to induce immunity against infectious diseases. While all medical procedures are associated with potential risks, the benefits of certain vaccinations are clearly warranted. Our veterinarians evaluate each patient’s situation individually to determine their specific vaccine needs.

Puppies and kittens should begin their vaccine series at six to eight weeks of age and be vaccinated every three to four weeks until they are approximately four months old.

After the initial series, adult pets require an annual booster for some vaccines, while others can be given every three years.

Vaccine Safety

Not all vaccines are equal. Some vaccines contain a compound called an adjuvant, to help make the product induce a stronger immune response. This may increase the risk of vaccine-associated problems in cats.

​We carefully select the vaccines we deem to be the safest products available for your cats and dogs. At Cherokee Trail Veterinary Hospital, we only use adjuvant-free vaccines in cats.