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Pet Dentistry

The team at Cherokee Trail Veterinary Hospital appreciates the importance of good dental health in cats and dogs. We see many patients that suffer from unrecognized dental pain. After having their dental problems corrected, these pets become more pleasant and playful companions. Our focus is on positive dental care and preventive services.

Pet Dental Disease

Many dogs and cats have large amounts of tartar on their teeth, leading to gingivitis, periodontal disease, painful tooth abscesses, and tooth loss. Bad teeth can even affect other body systems such as heart valves and kidneys.

Cats are sometimes affected by painful enamel loss at the gum line called feline resorptive lesions. This condition is second only to periodontal disease for oral diseases in cats.

How We Help

Our wellness program includes an oral and dental assessment at every visit. At that time we create a plan for dental care that meets your pet’s health needs and your family’s lifestyle.

Much of the dental disease in dogs and cats occurs below the gum line. We use advanced digital dental X-rays to get a detailed look at the entire tooth.

​Preventing Dental Problems Is Easy

Preventive dental care is simple and effective: schedule regular dental cleanings with your veterinarian, develop a nutritional program that supports healthy teeth and gums, and initiate a home care program that includes teeth brushing.

Some patients are good candidates for a vaccine against the major bacteria that cause periodontal disease.

How to Brush Your Pet’s Teeth

Brushing daily with a wet soft bristle toothbrush is ideal. Do not use people’s toothpaste because it contains ingredients toxic to pets. Flavored veterinary toothpaste is available at pet stores, or you can purchase dental products from our pharmacy on your next visit.

For pets that don’t let you brush, there is T/D, food specially formulated to cause brushing action as it is chewed. Lastly, CET chews are a rawhide-like treat with special enzymes to promote dental health.

If your pet has bad breath, no longer plays with chew toys, or seems to have any sign of oral discomfort, please schedule a dental checkup today!