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Pet Dermatology Veterinary Service in Lexington, SC

The skin and coat protect dogs and cats from dehydration, infection, exposure, and toxins.


Pet Dermatology

Healthy skin and coat are also indicative of overall health, as many serious diseases or conditions result in poor coat condition and skin irritation.

​Allergies are a concern for pets, from environmental toxins to food sensitivities. Even parasites such as fleas can cause an allergic reaction in some animals. Our veterinarians are skilled at diagnosing and treating a wide variety of skin and coat concerns in pets. In some cases, immediate treatments to decrease itching and irritation are available, even before a certain diagnosis can be made.

Never attempt to diagnose such problems yourself or initiate OTC treatments. Such efforts often aggravate the situation with improper or toxic products and delay the relief your pet deserves. The comfort and health of every patient are our primary concerns.