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Surgical check-in form Cherokee Trail Veterinary Hospital

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Surgical check-in form

Please fill out this form as completely and accurately as possible so we can get to know you and your pet(s) before your visit.

Standard Risks and Authorization

Procedures carry the risk of complications, injury, or even death from known or unforeseen causes. No warranty or guarantee is being made regarding results or cure. Knowing that all reasonable precautions have been taken, you have been advised of and understand the nature of the procedure. The potential benefits, risks, or side effects of the procedure, including potential problems that may occur with anesthesia are understood. You acknowledge the opportunity to discuss the procedure with your doctor and understand the risks, benefits, and alternatives to the procedure. By signing this document, I am agreeing that I have received all the information I desire regarding the aforementioned procedure. I authorize and consent to the performance of warranted anesthesia and the procedure listed above. I understand unforeseen events may necessitate an extension of the foregoing procedure or alternative ones than those set forth. Therefore, I consent to and authorize the performance of such procedures/operations as deemed necessary by the veterinarians' professional judgement. *

Financial Responsibility

I have been presented with an estimate of charges for the procedure as listed above prior to the treatment/procedure(s) being performed. I understand that every effort is made to honor the good faith estimate. I understand that FULL PAYMENT is due upon completion of the procedure, regardless of the outcome. I also understand that unforeseen circumstances may arise and keeping within the range of the estimate may not always be possible. In cases where possible, the staff will attempt to contact you prior to changes greater than 10% of the agreed upon estimate of cost. I understand I am responsible for the payment of any additional fees incurred.

CPR/DNR (Resuscitate or Do Not Resuscitate)

The vast majority of procedures and hospitalizations have good outcomes and proceed according to plan. In the unexpected event of a sudden decline of your pet’s health, we want to be prepared to respond in a manner that meets your wishes and fulfills your emotional and financial needs. CPR/Resuscitation may include establishment of an airway via insertion of an endotracheal tube, IV catheterization, administration of IV fluids, injections of medications, performing chest compressions, or delivery of intracardiac medications. Animals that have survived cardiac arrest and have been successfully resuscitated are extremely critical and unstable. Management of the post arrest patient requires vigilant monitoring and technical expertise and the outcome is uncertain. PLEASE CHOOSE ONE BELOW