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Pet Surgery

Safety, Comfort, and Warmth—these may not be words you would normally associate with surgery, but at Cherokee Trail Veterinary Hospital, they are the core of our patient care philosophy.

A Note to Our Pet Owners

We want to share with you what these words mean to us:

  • Safety is our top priority in veterinary surgery. For this reason, we always check pre-anesthetic blood work, physically evaluate each patient, and assign a licensed veterinary technician to be your pet’s surgical nurse. We support each patient with intravenous fluids, to maintain blood pressure and to help them better recover from anesthesia.
  • Monitoring is also important to safety, so we can correct any problems as they develop. We routinely monitor ECG, blood oxygen, carbon dioxide levels, body temperature, and blood pressure during surgery and the recovery process.
  • Comfort is our focus during the surgical process. Any surgery is associated with pain. We consider it a moral imperative to be proactive, doing all we can do to minimize pain and increase patient comfort. For this reason, our surgical patients receive pain medications before, during, and after surgery.
  • We also use a surgical laser, which causes less pain, swelling, and bleeding than a traditional scalpel.
  • Warmth is a word with two meanings. Keeping a patient warm is important for both comfort and safety. We use warm water circulation blankets and warm air circulation blankets to maintain body temperature during surgical procedures. Warmth also applies to the attitude of our surgical staff. They do an excellent job of providing empathetic and compassionate care for our patients. They also provide assurance and a post-op telephone call to worried pet owners​​

We are unwilling to compromise these principles in our practice. We feel that Safety, Comfort, and Warmth are vital to our mission of providing superior veterinary care.​

We would love the opportunity to serve you and your pet. Please contact us to discuss your veterinary surgical needs.