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Pet Boarding Service in Lexington, SC

Learn more about the pet boarding services we offer below.

Pet boarding

Pet Boarding

We are delighted to have our canine and feline guests stay with us at Cherokee Trail Veterinary Hospital. Pets spending their vacation time with us are cared for by our dedicated team of animal lovers. In addition, we offer separate quarters for canine and feline guests, for their comfort and optimum relaxation.

Boarding Kennels for Dogs

Our guest kennels offer a variety of accommodations, appropriate for the smallest dog to very large animals. All dog boarders are walked several times a day in our clean and fresh fenced-in yard. Pet owners are welcome to bring food from home, or we are happy to provide premium Hill’s products at no additional charge.

Splash Time

Your pet can enjoy our indoor, heated, and saltwater pool all year round with our new splash time! With a beach-style entry, dogs young and old can exercise while they play with our trained staff.

Exclusive Kitty Condos

Because some cats do not enjoy the company of dogs, we have a Cats Only Ward equipped with kitty condos. Each kitty condo has a shelf for cats to climb or rest on for a sense of safety and emotional comfort. Our boarding guests are treated to petting and cuddling time daily by our caring staff. Guest options include either a one-room or two-room condo for your favorite feline. Bring your cat’s favorite food, or we are happy to provide premium Hill’s products at no additional charge.

Medical Boarding Guests

Because we are a veterinary hospital, medical oversight is available for medically complex patients. Our nurses can administer any medications prescribed to a boarding patient and prescription dietary needs can be addressed as well. Please discuss your specific medical needs when you schedule your pet’s visit with us.

Customer Service for Every Guest

We are also happy to provide a bath for any guest, and a free bath is included at no charge for dogs that stay for more than seven nights. To schedule wellness services while your pet boards with us, such as exams or dental cleanings, please advise us in advance of your pet’s visit. We are proud of the exceptional care provided by our kennel staff, and you are welcome to tour our boarding facilities at any time.

Boarding for Our Patients

We are able to accommodate boarding requests for our regular patients and guests with documented current vaccines. Holiday guest boarding is in great demand and our space is limited. We tend to book up early, so we encourage you to make your boarding reservation today.

Canine Boarding Prices
Kennel Size Per Night/Per Pet
Regular Run (6X3 ft.) $27.60
Large Run $29.70

Feline Boarding Prices
Kennel Size Per Night/Per Pet
Large (3×2 ft.) $20.00
Condo (2 areas) $21.10

* Diabetic animals will be charged $9.80/day extra.*
* There will be a $8.70/day late fee for pets picked up after the original date.*

Monday-Friday: 8:00 am to 5:30 pm
Saturday: 8:00 am to 12:30 pm
Sunday: (pick up only) 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm
** Sunday pick up must be pre-arranged. **


You may bring your pet’s food or we can feed Hill’s Science Diet Sensitive Stomach brand based on age and weight. There is no additional charge for bringing your pet’s food.


We provide bedding and bowls for your pets, but you are welcome to bring your own toys, bedding, bowls, etc. if you prefer. Please no Glass Bowls.


All medications should be brought in their original prescription bottles so that all instructions are clearly marked.


All vaccines, including kennel cough (bordatella) and leptospirosis, should be current, and you should bring in appropriate documentation if your pet was vaccinated elsewhere. If you do not have documentation or your pet is not up to date, then we will give the appropriate vaccines as well as a yearly exam if he/she has not had an exam in the past year.


The owner or a designated representative must sign a release form approving any needed treatments or medications while your pet is under our care, and will be responsible for any additional charges.

** Your pet must be at least four months old and fully vaccinated with an exam given by a licensed veterinarian within the last year. **

**** These Prices Are Per Animal, For Each Night They Stay With Us. ****